Congratulations! Oklahoma is #4 in the nation!

Tulsa, OklahomaThose of you who live here probably already knew this. Compared to the rest of the country Oklahoma is an inexpensive place to live. Now, USA Today has told everyone else about us.

Just about everything you need or want is less expensive here from gasoline to housing. Without exception people who are transferred here from other parts of the country are always pleasantly surprised at how far their dollar goes in Oklahoma. The USA Today article measured the State in several categories. The categories and comments on housing expenses are excepted from the USA Today article and included below. A score of 100 would indicate the national average in that category.

Cost of Living Index: 90.4
Grocery Index: 92.4
Housing Index: 79.8
Transportation Index: 93.5
Utilities Index: 92.2
Health Index: 96.5
Misc.: 95.2

In the Sooner state, you can rent a home for the median price of $950. Although rent is a bit higher, median home values seem much more affordable, with values of just under $109,000 and list prices of around $145,000 to $150,000. Property taxes are also on the lower end, with a median rate of 0.74%.

Notice the lowest score is in housing. Go anywhere else with $130,000.00 (except for maybe Detroit) and see what type of house it will buy you. Here, that’s the starting price for a brand new home! And you can buy a well kept older home for just over $100,000.00. And don’t forget the low cost to borrow money. Today at 4.5% it will cost you roughly $5.10 for every thousand dollars borrowed. That’s $510.00 a month in principal and interest on a $100,000 loan. I know people who pay more than that a month for their car.

Oklahoma is a great place to live and raise a family. And Tulsa is the best city in the State! If you’re planning a move, whether you’re coming from somewhere else or you’re already here, please give me a call at 918-809-5199. I will be happy to help you find a great value in Oklahoma Real Estate.



About bertwilliamshomes

Bert Williams has been a Tulsa/Broken Arrow resident since 1989 and was in the broadcast television equipment brokerage business for 14 years and in advertising and marketing for over 30 years. Bert joined the rapidly growing Chinowth and Cohen Real Estate team in 2005 when there were only 45 associates. Now with over 350 associates and eight offices across the Tulsa/Broken Arrow/Owasso/Bixby/Sand Springs/Bartlesville/Grand Lake areas, Bert has the support and resources through the C&C team to find the perfect home for you and at the same time find the perfect family to purchase the home you own now. In 2013, Bert became a full time Real Estate agent working from the Broken Arrow office. His experience with negotiations and with the Real Estate market dating back to 2005 give you a great advantage when you decide to buy or sell a home. Call me at 918-809-5199. I look forward to meeting you!
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